Business recovery from COVID-19: We can help your business!

Business recovery from COVID-19 is extremely urgent today. Throughout the pandemic, we have been helping businesses mobilize, stabilize and return to work. Now, in the post-COVID-19 recovery, we’re helping them find opportunities while becoming stronger – including building resilience to navigate future shocks.

Business recovery – First thing to do is assessing the response

Moving forward from a crisis, a company that invests time and energy into considering upcoming risks – and determining the right actions for each – is more likely to turn potential surprises into strategic opportunities.

First thing to do is assessing the response

In an after action review, organizations analyze how they performed during a crisis response. Collecting data and insights from lessons learned can help businesses recover, and help leaders identify and prioritize actionable areas for improvement.

“51% of organizations established

an after action review process prior to the pandemic.”

Source: PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2021

Review, analyze, add value

Organizations that have experienced a major disruption recognize that no matter how effective their response, they can always do better.

Second thing to do is review, analyze, add value

The after action review enables two perspectives – each an opportunity to improve your understanding of the business and other functional areas:

In-flight review

During a crisis that requires a prolonged response, the in-flight review helps you assess your performance and make corrections in real time.

After action/Post-incident review

With a review of how well your response capabilities and processes performed, you can identify actionable areas for improvement and bolster your confidence for the next crisis.

Address challenges, capitalize on strengths

“We didn’t have the right subject matter experts on the crisis team.”

“Roles and responsibilities were unclear, and we encountered bottlenecks 

in making decisions.”

“Our COVID-19 crisis response team structure served our organization well, 

and we’ll leverage it for future disruptions — beyond health crises.”

“We left some key stakeholders with unanswered questions.”

These are some of the common themes that emerge from an after action review process. 

Source: PwC.


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