Vietnam is considered one of Top destination countries for many foreign companies and investment funds thanks to its promising economic outlook, Connected big population and strong IoT infrastructure. It sounds like an obvious “WHY NOT VIETNAM?”. The business forces in Vietnam are transforming at an amazing speed, providing both emerging opportunities and uncertainties. Unprecedented change calls for new ways of thinking & operating the businesses, and they inspired The Blue Ocean Team to partner with the “dare to change” & “dare to grow” companies to sail towards the Future Success.


  • Founder, Chairwoman of The Blue Ocean
  • Head of Research and Development Department of Vietnam Ecommerce Association (VECOM)
  • Former General Manager of Nielsen Vietnam & Cambodia


Passion to create the meaning, to bring in the professional and sustainable way of doing business, and bring the Good for Life products/ services to the end consumers.


Pride to introduce Vietnamese brands beyond Vietnam to the region and the world.


Persistency and determination to help enterprises to find out the Blue Ocean and sail towards the right direction to the Golden port.

We have mission to help companies adapt to the time of led growth and fair chance for every player who can catch up with and know how to capitalize on the changes.

Our People


Nguyen Huong Quynh
Founder, Chairwoman

Ms. Quynh is a Market, Strategy and Ecommerce Expert with 18 years of experience.

Nguyen Duc Hanh

Ms. Hanh is Human Resources Manager, Office Manager at many large corporations with 13 years of experience.

Phan Thi Do Quyen
Vice Director

Ms. Quyen is Business Process Improvement Expert with 8 years of experience.


Vo Thanh Tai
Business Development Mgr.

Mr.Tai works in the field of Market Research, Data Analyst and Business Development (BD) with 5 years experience.

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