E-commerce capitalization, O2O Business Models

The Blue Ocean supports businesses in their efforts to build a suitable E-retailers strategy, Execute the plan and Operate E2E Ecommerce successfully.

E-commerce, online shopping are current trends in the market. To optimize the profit and revenue of the business, digital transformation is the choice of Vietnamese companies. The Blue Ocean is able to bring a business a suitable digital transformation strategy for your business. We have had some successful cases in the past and we are confident with our abilities.

Build Modern Retailers & E-retailers strategy

  • Business intelligence.
  • Channel development plan & playbook.
  • Build JBP with key account

Execution consulting

  • Retailers’ Buyer team engagement.
  • Pitching & Negotiation.
  • Assortment & Highest technology-based photo auto-shooting service.
  • Product content MKT, Digital MKT & Communication plan.
  • Listing on domestic and foreign E-commerce platforms.

Other services

  • E2E E-commerce package: E-Commerce Key Account Manager Outsourcing services – Revenue commitment based.
  • Global e-commerce activity solutions (Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba).
  • Product sourcing services.
  • Offline to Online commerce.